So I just re-read 1000 True Fans by The Technium and it got me thinking about video marketing strategy.

I waste a lot of time thinking about YouTube ideas that are way to massive to take on without some magical budget.

I decided to reshape my thoughts to think more mathematically and mechanically using the 1000 True Fans mentality.

Instead of thinking about fads or trying to create a million sub channel, how can we construct a reality of a full-time content creator on YouTube. What are the requirements?

How many fans do you need? What about views and subs? How many videos? What kind of videos?

Is there a cut and dry strategy that we can simply follow that allows us to have success as a YouTube Marketer.

Let's also assume you don't have a backend sales funnel or any affiliate products running in your strategy. Let's just break-even on views alone.

So if we take 1000 views to equal about $2 in revenue, this value by the way is an estimate from my own experience. Your CPM may vary depending on your video topics and other factors.

So what is our target earnings? And then how many videos do we need and how many true fans? I'm thinking that true fans always watch everything so they are a good measurement as it will be a more sustainable number and not an anomaly or a single viral videos.

I would say $25000 US is a good number for a full-time content creator. I think you could earn a lot more, but for someone with zero skills you can enter this market and compete the base “salary” can't be too high. But the ceiling is very high for a good video marketer.

So that means 12 500 000 views a year to make $25000. Is that possible? Yes, but it is challenging.

Let's say you do 1 video per day per year and you take 25 days off for vacation. 340 days is 340 videos. Each video needs 36 800 views. That number is not unheard of for a YouTube video but you certainly can't get there overnight.

What are some tactics we can use to ensure we get max views per video?

Keywords. These will help us get search traffic on top of our true van viewership.

We also need videos that are timeless and always popular. We can do some seasonal stuff if we think we will dominate the niche.

If you can do 2 videos per day then you only need 18400 views per video which is very reasonable in many niches. But can you come up with the content every day for two videos?

I should say here that we also are using true fan mentality. So we have to directly connect and we have to have a brand that is identifiable with these true fans. You will have to ensure your videos make people want more. Make it so when they watch once they have to watch all. This is how to get true fans.

You will have to find the mix of production resources (time, money, tech) you spend producing each video with the quality you expect to output. It is challenging.

But that all assumes we don't have any of our own products, funnels or affiliate links being thrown into the calculations.

We're talking about 10 million plus views. With just a 1% conversion ratio and Avg. Customer Value of $50 you would make an extra $500000. Your true fans should buy every thing you sell because its that good. You found a real pain point and you brought a valuable solution to their attention.

So the strategy is you push to be views oriented but the better your backend sales funnel and affiliate product usage, the more profitable you will be.

You need to be able to output multiple videos daily with a true fan's pain points in mind.

Here is another thing to consider if you think this is difficult. In year one if you are aiming to get 18000+ views on your videos to earn your $25k, yes it will seem challenging and the income is questionable.

But videos are digital assets. The next year they may get another 10k views even though the video was made in the previous year. Each year you continue to make video content the views keep rolling over.

That's why evergreen content is so valuable. More views is more traffic in your funnel which is simply more revenue. You'll also be gaining an exponential amount of subs which will in turn become true fans and watch every single video you make.

Anyone can do this. It is all very possible. That's enough for today.