This post is just to catch you up on what I've been doing for the last 8 to 9 months. For most of 2016, I was building out an authority website, which is an educational website for Twitch.TV streamers.

After that, I started building out my first mobile game called Long Pong available now in the iOS App Store. That was an excellent experience. The highlight was reading “The Art of Game Design”, which game me a lot of insights. I think understanding gaming is essential to understanding the future world.

After that I started working on a new YouTube channel called The Tap Ten which focuses on the best mobile games in the world. Fun stuff.

At the same time, I was building websites, sales funnels, email platforms,  and social media platforms for dozens of clients. I'm grateful for all of those experiences. They have led to me becoming a better marketer, a better consultant and a better person overall.

It's been such a fantastic year. It's been a year of growth, learning, client relations, personal development, a greater understanding of what works and what helps people.

Going forward with the rest of the year I intend to become location-independent. Going to try out the digital nomad thing for a while. Going to be heading over to Southeast Asia to continue to run operations there.

I've always wanted to travel abroad and continue to work and I've been manifesting this for years. 3 years ago I decided to start my digital marketing company and get involved with online marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing and many other things. Going to be an exciting rest of the year.

My intentions for 2017 is to break into digital courses, webinars and more powerful email marketing program I want to deliver the highest value content related to digital marketing that I can.

I'm also devising new ways that I can be extremely mobile, in fact, this blog post is being written using voice to text on Android I haven't typed a single word here, it's great. I wrote this post just by talking into my phone…fantastic we're always looking for new ways to evolve, adapt and go farther.