Bar none, the most important thing to making Digital Nomadism in your life a reality is setting the intention.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been dreaming of some variation of digital nomadism ever since I saw the movie the Beach with Leo DiCaprio – and I know I’m not the only one.

But a dream is not an intention and without intention it is very difficult to make things a reality especially something as challenging as digital nomadism.

Despite having the dream for over a decade I truly set the intention about 3 years ago. It was’t until then that things started to materialize. We like to dream often, think of what might be IF we try something – but that never works.

An intention is something much stronger than a dream, it involves will. The desire must manifest into action and that becomes much easier once the intention is clear.

If you want to become a digital nomad set that clear intention with yourself today. It doesn’t mean you have to leave tomorrow but it does mean that perhaps tomorrow you can take your first step to making the digital nomad lifestyle yours.

I recommend writing it down where you can see it every day…

“I become a Digital Nomad in 24 months” – Use the active voice. Don’t say I will, say I become. It sets the mind right.

I think you should also tell someone your intention as that has a powerful way of pushing your forward.

Never-ending self-study and learning is the most important skill you need as a digital nomad.

With your intentions clear you will need to make sure your skill set is ideal for nomadism.

Here is a list of skills I’ve worked on since I began my intention 3 years ago:

  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Video production
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Organization
  • WordPress Development

There’s probably a dozen more that I can’t think of. But as you can see those are all modern skills.

Oh and if you want to spend more time learning new things you are also going to have to let some things go such as:

  • Excessive Social media consumption
  • TV watching
  • Gaming

In order to achieve new goals you have to do new things, and you have to stop doing others to make room for that.

I also read a lot.

Let’s just be honest and say that it takes a lot of work to prepare yourself for nomadism if you are starting from scratch. It’s not for everyone – yet.

Something I also want to mention is the managing of your relationships. If you aren’t where you want to be then get a mentor. Let go of old relationships that don’t support your mental health and goals.

I had to let go of a lot of people, not because I don’t like them, simply because by spending time doing the things they wanted to do (go out, drink, smoke, game, chill) I was working away from what I wanted.

“If you aren’t moving towards your goals, then you are moving away from them”.

Digital Nomads Need Online Income Streams

Let’s get to the real issue for most people and that is how will you support your lifestyle abroad.

I just had a conversation last night where the person said “Let’s get to to elephant in the room – how do you make money?”

To some people it is quite a strange idea to be earning money abroad, they’ve never considered it because they are used to getting their work and paycheque from someone else. Which is fine, but it goes to show you that the mentality is not there for many, they are afraid of failure to put it simply.

This post isn’t a how to make money online post – it’s a guide for clear steps toward nomadism, see other blog posts for more clear income generating guides.

But I will say that I greatly believe in content as a traffic driver for digital products, consulting and affiliate products.

These days people want to learn more so they can earn more. They want new skills. You can teach anything these days and someone will want it. If you are smart you will pick an unsaturated niche and start providing unprecedented value there.

I write blogs, make videos, post on social media driving traffic to my websites, sales funnels and digital assets.

Btw, I have an entire course on developing digital assets go watch it for free.

If you want to earn income online you need to be able to find customers online. You need to provide a service or product that has value to these customers. Given all of our online tools and resources I’m not sure why many people haven’t started realizing that you can sell globally now without much extra work. If someone has the internet they can be your potential customer.

For me consulting is my bread and butter. I’ve spent so much time learning people are now ready to pay me for my time to disseminate that knowledge. They want me to break it down for them and explain only what they need, saving them time and headaches.

For me there was an intention to become a successful (or at least income generating) consulting prior to the intention to nomad because it had to come first.

If you want the lifestyle bad enough you’ll find away but I feel too many of us are simple satisfied with just getting by. That’s really where it begins is the notion to stop getting by and start thriving.

Shoutout to my spiritual mentor Tiaga Prem Singh for that one.

Start meditating. Remove substances and garbage media from your life. Get control of everything. Bring light to your bad habits so you can start clearing them out.

I did all of these things. I didn’t just read the 4HWW and set sail. But that was the beginning of a lot of this.

Whether its a awesome nomad lifestyle or a successful business or a wonderful relationship – if you want it you can have it but it takes work. But if you want it bad enough it happens.

Set the intention first and let the universe start organizing for you. Develop skills that will in turn help you make money online with a laptop and an internet connection. That’s where to start.

Become a Minimalist and Digital Nomading is Easier

This is an important step – getting rid of all your shit. You don’t need it all!

The more we get attached to things the more misery we have. These people who collect all these materials, they then have to get more locks and alarms, then they have to keep collecting to feel good that they are doing something. But it’s all a trap. Materialism has become one of our biggest downfalls.

3 years ago I tried minimalism and I felt so much lighter. I put everything in boxes and what I didn’t take out after 30 days I tried to sell or get rid of.

The reason to do this is to actually lower your cost of living. When you don’t need a lot of things, you can actually live cheaply and that is an important thing if you are not quite at the stage where you can start your nomadic journey.

Now I’m down to a suitcase, my drone backpack and my daily backpack. It’s all less than 30kg. Gotta stay under those Asia Airlines weight restriction you know.

I love living out of a suitcase. I know where exactly everything is. I can reach in blindly with the zipper just open a few inches and find my stuff. It’s great.

There is a lot that needs to be sacrificed to become a digital nomad but I’m telling it’s worth it.

Becoming a minimalist will surely help you succeed if becoming a nomad is what you really want.

Just Go for it

So are you ready yet?

No you aren’t you never are completely ready. If you are rich then it’s a moot point. i’m not rich. I’m new rich.

I slowly but surely tried to build as much passive income as I can. I work super hard, but I want to get paid over and over for doing something once rather than just selling my time.

And if you are in a similar position well let me tell you there is no perfect amount of income. You are going to have to go and see for yourself the costs of your lifestyle in the cities you want to be in.

For me I’ve been to Hong Kong, Philippines, Bali, Thailand as a nomad and they all require different things.

The point is at some point you have to say fuck it and go for it.

Do yourself a favour and save up 3 months worth of living expenses. $10000 is enough if you are making less than $3000 a month. $5000 is enough if you are making more. That’s my opinion and YMMV.

You are going to learn a lot about yourself if you go through this process but it is only going to growth.

It took me a long time to realize that all growth happens outside of your comfort zone. You have to be pushed to see expansion in your life. Ever since I realized this I’ve been putting myself in more and more challenging scenarios and I’ve seen amazing results.

Sometimes I fail. But I love it because then I don’t make that mistake any more and I get more clear on what I should be doing.

Fail faster if you want to succeed my friends – it’s as simple as that.

Are you willing to let go of your ego and identify as a perfectionist to adopt such a challenging and rewarding lifestyle?

Fortune favours the bold.