When you make the switch from consumer to producer there are some major behavioral changes you'll need to make especially in social media. Today we talk about Instagram and what we need to be doing there to maximize our business results.

1. You need to move to a business account

This is a no-brainer. You go into your profile setting and you click the button that says “switch to a business account.”

Now you need a Facebook page attached to your Instagram account if you want to switch to a business profile. But that's it.

Once you switch you'll get some really solid analytics like when your followers are most active (good times to post) or which posts have done well in the past 30 days. You also get demographics like male or female and age and location which is really nice.

2. You need to reassess your hashtag game

Make sure you read my post How to Pick the Perfect Set of Hashtags if you aren't up to date with how to get the right hashtags for the most exposure.

You can use up to 30 tags on every post and you should be using at least 20 and I recommend 30 when you are starting out. Don't delete them either. No one cares. It's acceptable to use them. It's part of how the platform works. You hashtag so people can find your posts later in a curation perspective.

Stop using so many weird or witty tags – they have so little value for the user. They aren't searchable and if what you are saying is so witty then it's probably also good as regular words and then you can use the hashtag for something more purposeful.

3. You need to be making relationships in the DMs

The Direct Message inbox is where a lot of magic happens for people. You can start interesting conversation there and start to build relationships with people from around the world. If you share interests and have pure intents you can often collaborate quite nicely.

The other aspect is to build networking friends who end up liking and commenting on all your posts and you do the same for them. DM groups are a thing now.

4. You need post more often

Bottom line is content is currency. The more you make the more attention you get. Why are people so afraid of attention. When you have good intent you want attention because you believe in what you are pushing. Whatever your message is. Like I get if you hate your job and you don't want to put that on other people – thank you. But if you love what you do, why are you not sharing the hell out of it.

The fear becomes, well I don't want to annoy my followers. Okay so when the followers start going down we can talk about that. But most likely your real fans want more and they are the ones who spend the money.

Post more. I will too I promise.

5. You need to engage like a real person and be incredibly thankful that people visit your profile

Like it means a lot to get a new follower. Even though we take them for granted. We do it for the likes but then we take the likers for granted.

You need to do the opposite and love your likers so much. Like and comment them. Build relationships. Be a person who's interested in certain photos and hashtags and always comment there.

And now I'll be honest in that if you actually do all 5 of these things you DM, you engage, you post more, you post at the right times with the right hashtags then you are guaranteed to be successful as a social media networker.

People don't get that our social accounts are becoming our business cards. They don't need your phone number anymore if they know you are on twitter and Instagram. You don't need a resume anymore when you have 45k followers.

The world is changing fast. Get the hell on this train before it's too late.

If you need help devising your Instagram brand strategy leave a comment below I'll answer the best I can.


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