I help content creators and marketers reach their maximum potential by teaching them techniques to improve their content quality and ability to increase speed and quantity. Everyone knows they need content in 2017, but few have the methods or mentality to execute it at scale.

Most content today is micro-content for social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. I have expertise in all formats: video, audio, images and text. Having someone share techniques that are effective in both production and distribution of content can be a major advantage. I know all the tools, the hacks and the tactics that produce real growth and engagement.

I have been making content (primarily video) for over 20 years as a young filmmaker. I graduated from broadcasting school in 2005 and started freelancing in the TV/film industry. As that industry began to fade with the rise of social media and digital content I felt a bit lost and ended up in Law school, graduating in 2014.

Still unsatisfied and not even remotely interested in a corporate law job, I took matters into my own hands and began a journey of self-learning and self-discovery.

I stumbled upon an industry called SEO – search engine optimization. I was fascinated by how search was changing industries and leveling the playing field for effective modern marketers.

From that point on I became extremely hungry for knowledge in the online marketing realm as I felt it would be the way of the future.

During this time I also became very interested in meditation, yoga, mindfulness and spirituality. I read lots of books by Osho, Thich Nhat Hahn, and many other spiritual authors. Law school tremendously improved my reading and writing ability so I was able to consume a lot.

In 2015, I started consulting for businesses providing them strategy and tactics for growing a business online. I helped numerous clients build large social channels, drive traffic, increase conversions and improve sales.

In 2017, I became the CEO of The Dharma Temple, a spiritual center for elevation. I provided them so much value over 2 years of consulting for them that they passed me the reigns to help them develop their business operations and marketing initiatives.

My unique selling point is that I am living a meditative lifestyle and take a spiritual approach to building brands + coaching content creators.

I have an ability to listen to people and draw out their true desires and intentions and effectively providing them a plan of action that will help them reach their goals and manifest the life or business they have always wanted.

I've recently begun an initiative to disseminate much of my knowledge to the internet via video, podcasting, blogging and social media. I share daily inspiration on my social channels and engage with conscious creators around the world.

Thanks for reading my bio and I hope you email me or reach on social media to say “Hi” and let me know what you are up to and if I can help you!


Richie Newrich