What is real rebellion?

And what is the difference between reaction and the action of the rebellious; the new rich human being….

The first thing we need to shine some light on is the difference between rebellion and revolution. We could also say new rich and old rich.

Revolution is an organized effort to change the society forcibly, violently.

The thing is, you can’t use violence to change the society because that is already its current nature. That’s why all revolutions have ultimately failed and will never succeed, ever.

Rebellion (or new rich lifestyle design as I like to call it) is individual, nonviolent, peaceful. It is born out of love.

See rebellion is not against something, but FOR something.

Revolution is against something, but not for something.

Revolution is so much engaged in being against, it forgets what all the fuss is being made. It is anger. but anger cannot create a better society.

Rebellion is not oriented against society, but is oriented toward a new man, a new humanity.


Revolution is fighting with the past.

Rebellion is mediating for the future.


Maybe in the recent years, you’ve pondered whether revolution is necessary.

Whether our world is going in the right direction.

With all the wars, militaries, hatred, racism, specism, you’ve thought well shit, we need change. But revolution cannot bring that change,.

The great thing is that if you become a rebel, no one will really notice or care. Society isn’t bothered by one individual being different than others. but even single individuals meditating, loving, hoping for a new sunrise, can create the possibility of a new society. Their very presence will be enough to transform others.

But rebellion has not been tried.

The new rich way, has not been tried.

Revolution seems to be easier, because against a big society you need a big organization.  But as soon as you organize you are no different, you become the same, You are just a reflection of what you are opposing. Just being opposite does not mean different.
The old societies depend on violence and so do revolutionaries. The old society depends on beliefs – so do revolutionaries.

And the kicker is, if the revolutionaries are going to win, they have to be more violent than the society, more cunning, more clever, more political, more cruel; otherwise they cannot win.


Rebellion is spiritual phenomenon.


It is not against society; it is simply the intelligence that shows that this society is dead, this society is incapable of giving birth to a new human being. We are on the verge of global suicide. We need compassion, not anger.

The rebel and the new rich can only do one thing. He can transform himself into the new man, he can become his own vision. That is the only proof that his vision is not a dream. The new rich rebels transform their vision into a reality.

I want you all to become new rich. To become rebellious, not revolutionary.


The rebel has no reaction, only action. The revolutionary has only reaction, he does not have any action.

The new rich creates, he gives birth to himself. He becomes a new man, he heralds a new age.  

He opens himself to all possibilities, he allows himself unknown dimensions.

Not against anybody, it is simply a growth, just like a rosebush is growing.

Do you think the rosebush  is growing against the rocks? It is simply growing to blossom, to bring its potential to actuality. It is a process of actualization.

Socrates was new rich. Buddha was new rich. Heraclitus was new rich. And these are the greatest heights humanity has reached.

A rebel is never a missionary, only a friend. I am only your friend. I do not want to organize with you because they we become the same as them.