Have you been seeing people writing in different fonts on their Instagram bio? It's super easy and there are a bunch of websites out that help you get them.

To get alternative Instagram fonts you are going to use a web app to create these fonts which can be copied and pasted directly into your Instagram bio. You might want to use the desktop version of the Instagram app.

The first Instagram Font app I found that is very dope is LingoJam.

LingoJam Instagram Alternative Fonts
This is the LingoJam Web App

All you do is type the words on the left and they are ready to be copied and pasted to your bio.

The other alternative Instagram font app I found is Sprezz Keyboard.

Sprezz Keyboard Website Screenshot
This is the Sprezz Keyboard App shown above.

So just use one of those sites to get a variety of alternative fonts for your Instagram Bio.

You can also download the Sprezz keyboard app for iOS.

Pretty slick looking app and keyboard! Thanks Sprezz!

I just used it to update my bio as well and getting looking fresh:

RichieNewRich IG ScreenshotRichieNewRich IG Screenshot

Hope this helps you update your Instagram bio so you can seem totally hipster. LUL!