Ephemeral video is the future of social media

I'm just going to say it now…stories are the very near future of social media.

People are quickly growing tired of boring photos. It's just not engaging enough. It was a great start.

But the future is stories. With Facebook getting stories in late march of 2017, we now have 3 major platforms utilizing ephemeral (def. lasting a short time) video on their social platform.

I posted up this winning meme to my IG last week too.

In the future we will still have the main photo feed on Instagram, but it will merely be used as an art gallery.

People will still use images so they can grow their account and take advantage of hashtags but it will be inside the stories where connections are made.

With a picture you are spending maybe 2-3 seconds engaging and maybe 20 if you are commenting.

People might stay engaged for up to 3-4 minutes if you string really good stories together. There is so much more potential for real engagement and relationships building.

A lot of people still think social media is where you have very “light” friendships or even fake friendships that only exist online.

That won't last much longer, soon the strongest bonds will be formed online especially as we heard towards virtual realities.

How can I use Instagram Stories better?

What we are seeing right now is a huge trend of people finally talking to the world. They are talking directly to their selfie cam on stories. Before we got a smile, now we get a spiel.

It's great because we can really get to know the IGer better this way.

Before we might wonder what they are like and who the person behind the perfectly curated photoset is. But now we can know. It's amazing.

I've been experimenting with editing videos in Final Cut Pro and then uploading them to Instagram stories and it has been quite effective because you can do a lot more with the video content in terms of editing.

People need to start thinking way outside the box with their content so they can differentiate. But at the same time you can go too far into left field where demand may be low or you are too far ahead of your time.

Try to think of Instagram as one of the TV channels you have a show on.

The questions to ask are what's going up on on the channel today for our show?

And how can we make our show a little different from millions of other shows happening simultaneously.

Offering value is a good place to start. Next start getting more creative with the video output and you are way ahead of the curve.

Just some short thoughts today.

Stay inspired,