The Rise of the Global Conference Room

In the last two decades we saw the rise of the global village. The world got smaller due to air travel, advanced communication technology and the instantaneous of the internet.

But recently, in my view, social media has taken us a step further. We are now in the global conference room.

Social media has become international social networking. It’s no longer about just the content, it’s about the relationships you create.

What does it mean that your favorite celebrity or your favorite CEO is on Instagram and Snapchat and you can reach them in one-click?

What does it mean that you can build a business with 100 digital handshakes an hour?

Say we are building something, maybe a business, maybe our personal brand…with social networking we can now build it 10x as fast because we are literally in the same room as hundreds of geniuses, creative wizards and business powerhouses. We are also there with all of our customers.

In the global village there were still many doors and locks. You couldn’t get much access even though you were nearby. But now the world has changed once again.

It happened as of late too. All of a sudden the internet matured, everyone was on the major platforms and we had a shift. Before people were very hesitant to join social networking but it is the new way of life.

This is a map of all the Tweets during the '17 Superbowl.

I know it’s had a major impact on me already. From how I design my life to how I run my business to how I create new friendships.

That’s another thing. We are moving from locale-based relationships to interest-based relationships very quickly.

As virtual reality kicks into high gear and even more social networking takes place, we will find people who love what we love and we can share that passion with them through digital means and communications. It will be as easily as it is to grab a beer with your buddy down the road.

I’ve already massively overhauled my digital agency to refine our offering to meet the dynamic social networking marketplace. We have to be so flexible right now and be ready to adapt.

So this global conference room is taking place right now. You can go talk to anyone you want. But how can you use it to your advantage and network even more effectively?

One of the problems is – it’s a damn big room! It has hundreds of millions of people in it. That’s why you should be creating content. That’s why you should be sharing what you love. That’s why you should be curating, and vlogging, and writing better social profiles. So people can FIND YOU.

You see when you put out content or just wear your passion on your digital sleeve, then people can find out who you are at scale.

Instead of doing 500 handshakes why not write some great content and let it organically be shared to those interested. That’s the nature of inbound and content marketing, you let them come to you.

This is data visualization of a normal person's Linkedin connection set.

So then in the global conference room people start gravitating towards you. Your voice gets louder the more content you make, not just louder but more clear too.

What we see now is some influencers starting to rise up and create large followings. People like to follow people who provide value. It’s not that valuable to me if you post 5 times a day on random topics. That means I need to filter the noise to get what I want.

But if you post 5 times a day on the same topic or niche – now you are valuable to me because you become a source – an authority.

It’s a great time to be making content. You never know when that next piece is going to send you into influencer territory or go viral. You never know when the next blog or podcast is going to be heard by the right person.

At this time I’m currently blogging, podcasting, making youtube videos, I’m on IG, Twitter and Snapchat. I curate. I share. I network. Like it is a hard game but the payoff is massive.

Now people message me to give me e-commerce and marketing tools. They ask me for tips and advice. They ask to work with me. All because I focus my content output in a relatively tight niche.

The better your content, the more people will gravitate. Some people will fail. Content isn’t easy to make. You better be unique because copying won’t work. The great thing about content is you win by being yourself.

Too many people (me included) will spend too much time trying to be what they are not. They are scared to be revealed to be less than what you might imagine them to be.

What people aren’t realizing is the marketplace has dramatically changed and that means how you design, build and grow your business will no longer be the same.

Now if you have 50k followers on IG you have a golden key. You have so many more opportunities because your voice gets heard inside the conference room. There are so many little guys who are dying to be heard or sell something so they want to stand on your pedestal.
You don’t even have to build “a real” business anymore. A personal brand and consistent content production will take people a long way.

Creating content will be the number 1 skill over the next decade because it’s all about getting people’s attention in a attention-scarce marketplace.

There are so many people who in the 80’s and 90’s said “if only I was TV…if only I had my own show…if only I got that lucky.” Now you can have your own show and you can put it on 5 different channels for free.

What does it mean to you that you can go on the NBC of social media and start a show? What does it mean that you can be on the CNN of social media and share your message to the world?

The new social platforms are the TV channels of old. Each channel has different type of content and many shows within. There is no cost for airtime. The market will decide who it wants to watch. We are no longer force fed, which is a good thing.

But all those people who wanted to be TV hosts and actors probably won’t do anything because they just want it on a silver platter.

Social media and the internet rewards both hard work and smart work. You need to grind to build your social following and create great content. But the risk/reward is off the charts and there is a lot of tools and software that can help a ton.

My point is that I don’t think you realize the reality you are standing in.

The global conference room is open and if you are logged in right now you are inside.

Step back for a second. Be an observer. Imagine you are standing in a conference room. It’s all matrix-y and shit. Now realize you are logged in with 1 billion other people.

Is anyone talking to you? Are you talking to anyone? Are you talking and no one is listening?

What type of business would you create if you never had to leave your house? What type of business would you create if you could find 200 sales leads in an hour with a social media harvesting tool? What type of life would you create if you could start a business and make your first sale in the same day? The opportunities are endless.

Let’s compare to the caveman and his opportunities.
Let’s compare to the farmer and his opportunities.
Let’s compare to the mom and pop corner store owners and their opportunities.

And there’s another thing. What if you need followers to get a job? What if “who you know” becomes a 10x problem for people? What if resumes become obsolete because your content says everything about you?

It’s actually really logical and conservative to play it safe and build your social following while others sit back. Wow read that again.

I don’t just do what I do because I think it’s profitable and fun. I do it out of fear and necessity. I’m positioning myself for 2030. I’m playing the long game.

Start creating or curating. It’s that simple. Pick a niche and become an authority. Scale your influence. Don’t be a wallflower.