If you haven't been able to market your products or business as effectively as you'd like, then now is the time to change all of that. Video Marketing is the great equalizer for those who don't have huge SEO budgets. Video marketing is much simpler and streamlined as well. Instead of having to build a website, write the content, do some SEO, and hope you rank without any penalties from Google, you can achieve the same goals using video.

The power of YouTube is really starting to shine as of late. No need for hosting costs or HTML/CSS know how. Upload a video and market it. Its that simple. Of course it takes some experience to learn how to make high quality, converting videos, but that knowledge is much more attainable compared to what it takes to create a whole website that will rank on the first page.

The Truth about Video Marketing

But here's the real reason video is going to change everything…Google owns it.

This means a couple of things. First of all, as Google's world domination continues, we can assume that YouTube is not only here to stay, but is also going to be top dog for years to come. Google will simply buyout competitors should that arise, and even if they do will likely only supplement the market like Vimeo.

More importantly it is very easy to obtain a first page ranking with a YouTube video because it is Google property and they like to rank their stuff higher. You've already seen what a difference it is to use Google Plus for your SEO needs rather than other social media and video is no different.

The bets thing is that Google doesn't penalize you when you build links to your videos. I built 5000 links to my first video and it was page one in 48 hours for a very competitive niche. I was amazed and that was when I completely switched to video marketing in my business. Instead of having to create an entire website, rank it without penalties and then drive traffic, I could do all of that with just a youtube video. Create the video, rank it easily and take advantage of both Google and Youtube Traffic!

If you aren't taking advantage of this then I can assure you you are falling behind the likes of me and many other professional marketers. Its just an easier method and the simpler choice. Why go through the trouble of building websites to drive traffic when a single video will do the same. If you are using websites then you need to put in a lot a work to convince the viewer that you are trustworthy you can’t just put up any old website. A video can look professional with ease and build rapport much easier especially if you are using your face.

SEO drives the community and its headed to Video Marketing

SEO has always been a driver of the online marketing community. It often dictates what we can and can't do; what we are more likely to do based on cost efficiency. The fact that the SEO gods have shined some light on video marketers is something you don't want to wait for to get involved in. You are already following behind, but there are hundreds of niches and thousands of keywords to be marketed to via video.

If you don't have the confidence to get started in video then let me help you. I've built a very thorough video course to take you step-by-step on getting started with video marketing. I'll show you how to create beautiful videos, the exact methods I use to rank videos on page 1, and how to market your videos so you can profit from day 1.