There really is no such thing as writer's block. You can always type nonsense words and that is writing. It is really about fear and how you feel about identifying with the words you write.

Over the past few years I’ve become a lot more interested in writing. 

I never think of it really as a technical skill as much as a pure form of expression. Getting your thoughts out of your brain and into the realm of existence. 

Until you write it down or express it to someone else, your ideas and thoughts are not expression, they are just sparks of consciousness yet to be formed in ways other’s can understand.
Many writers or those who try their hand at it, will often at some point encounter what’s known as writer’s block.
In my opinion there are two types of writer’s block.
The first is, you don’t know what to write because you have no idea who you are writing for. A lot of times we sit down and we have no target audience. Even if it’s personal, then you should identify the audience as yourself.
The problem with not having a clear audience is that you won’t know what they want to hear. You won’t know what problems they want answers to. You won’t know what it is they want you to write about because they don’t exist as a clear audience in your mind.
Because when you know exactly who your audience is and what their problems are or what they want to read about, you should have endless ideas to write about. That’s why it’s great to write about things you had issues with in the past because you already know the information you needed to find to get you through that issue. Your job now is to help others.
The second form of writer’s block that I think many people deal with is writer’s block that comes from fear. The fear that the words you put down will be forever and you shall be forever identified with them. While it may be true that you will always be linked to your past work, you don’t have to identify with it. Just as an actor doesn’t identify with any roles they've play on screen. After the show is over, they resume their lives as who they are. Well hopefully.
Don’t be afraid to express something that isn’t necessarily about you. Perhaps it may be something that other’s need to hear.
We certainly live in a time where it is not always easy to say what you truly want to say. We’ve all faced consequences before from stepping out of line or saying something inappropriate.
The idea of freedom of expression is not something that people who have power over us particularly like.
When you are a kid your parents have the power and you grow up afraid to speak your mind, they might punish you.
Then your teachers and principle have the power and you keep quite because you don’t want to be expelled.
Then you get your first job and your boss has the power and you need to pay the bills and don’t want to be fired.
Sometimes they say its for your own good to not speak your words authentically, but I find its mostly for THEIR own good.
Imagine going to church with your parents and saying to others that you don’t believe in religion. Your parents might get judged for not teaching you “properly”
Imagine going to school and telling your friends you believe the system is flawed
Imagine going to work and saying that people deserve better treatment there
It’s not surprising you don’t find yourself feeling too confident in your own thoughts and words.
I could go on, but I don’t like to make long videos, I just want you to be aware of these types of writer’s block incase you are struggling with expressing yourself.
One trick is to simply start writing or typing nonsense words and continue until something comes out. You can write, just start banging the keyboard, the real problem is you just feel you can’t write what you are actually thinking. It’s not perfect enough, it’s not the proper tone, it’s not something people will enjoy…whatever get it out there.
And just know this…someone out there wants to read what you write. If you are being authentic I would read it. If you are saying something different, I will read it.
Post a comment below and share something you’ve written authentically. I promise I’ll come check it out. Your words have value, don’t ever forget that.