This is a quickstart guide to getting your Youtube and Video Marketing up and running with very little budget or equipment. 


Why YouTube?

YouTube – The 2nd Largest Search Engine (Infographic) YouTube processes more than 3 billion searches a month. 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. It's bigger than Bing,Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined!

It’s a great traffic source for any product. Video allows us to engage the viewer and build instant credibility.

Times have changed and so has technology. Now anyone can shoot HD video and produce high quality content. A great opportunity…content truly has become currency.


How to make a Great YouTube Video

Keys to Great Content:

  • Emotional
  • Personable
  • Sharable
  • Social Currency
  • People share what they are and believe in
  • Length 3-5 mins
  • A single clear idea

How to Write Great YouTube Scripts

  • Use a 5s-10s intro segment to improve clarity about the video
  • PROTIP: Add a branded slate for 1-2s at beginning or after intro
  • keep the video to 3 points max; rather have 90% retention for 3 mins than 50% retention for 6 mins.
  • Have a conclusion to wrap up and summarize

NB: Retention is the % of video length the viewer stayed for before leaving, A key metric for YouTube Rankings.



  • I recommend you have at least a script outline with a clear set of goals.
  • Why are you doing something?
  • What you have to do?
  • How to do it?
  • Beginning, middle, end…


How to Shoot Your Video on a Smart Phone

  • Always shoot with back to the sun if outside; cloudy days are fine.
  • Rule of 3rds!
  • Consider form, light and texture
  • Clear audio a must
  • Recommend FilmicPro for iPhone but has to be edited with Mac
  • Tripod not necessary, in fact a lil boring, but keep arms in tight for stability
  • Cool Accessories: Olloclip lenses, The Glif


How to Edit and Output Your Video

Output Settings: 720p HD .mp4 video is the bare minimum and easily handled by your smart phone and macbook pro. Simple use iMovie or Final Cut Pro to edit your videos and export them to 720p or 1080p.


How to optimize your video for search

Remember much of Youtube is still a basic search engine. People don’t know what video they will end up watching when they begin their search.

Consider searching for the keyword you think the user will search for when they find your video. Review what seems to be working well in the search listings.


Search Optimization Points:

  • The Title: attention grabbing and includes keyword
  • The Description: the longer and more specific the better
  • Tags: up to 500 characters, use them all if possible, store them in a file
  • Custom Thumbnail Image


Advanced YouTube Marketing


Most people don’t write enough here. Try to include 300-400 words reiterating what’s in the video. Also always use the top 2 lines of the description to feature a CTA link. The first two lines are always visible to the viewer, everything else rests below the read more button. Don’t forget to use this key area to place your link.



These are those little windows that can be added on top of videos, they are clickable and great for sending traffic to your website or other videos. Use well-timed call-to-action annotations to drive user to next steps.


YouTube Cards

The ultimate feature for pushing lead magnets. Add your lead magnet or landing page to your YouTube Video Cards for each video. Add multiple if you can! Users are getting used to being able to access further content via the cards system.



At the end of your video consider adding a segment that holds other video previews. You would design this in your video editor and then overlay annotations that link to other videos. Great way to gain extra traffic or views. Great spot to run your own ad as well for funnel products.


Ex. There should be 3 videos to choose from.

Our classic lead magnet inspirational start here video.

Our Most popular Video –

Our Newest Video – which leads to the main page.


Use Playlists

They are so good in organizing your content. They also allow videos to be played automatically one after another so you get a lot of extra views.